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Nose Job in 15 minutes! No-knife, No-pain.

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Instant Nonsurgical Nose Job: "Pick One"

For those who want a nose-job, but are fearful or apprehensive to go under the knife or simply can’t afford the cost or the post-surgical downtime, I am glad to tell you that there is a non-surgical option.

Pain-free and at a lot lower cost, non-surgical nose job is the non-invasive alternative to surgical nose-job. Also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty, or injection rhinoplasty, this 15-minute non-surgical procedure is low-risk.

Non-surgical nose job can smooth out nose contour irregularities and can make the nose appear smaller on the face. It is used to improve symmetry by fixing the unsightly depressions and grooves.

The most popular and demanded nose-job for us at SouthMain Rejuvenation Institute is the raising and defining of a flat-bridge and also lifting of the drooping or rounded nasal tip. Improving the saddle-nose contour is also an extremely desired correction.

Non-Surgical Nose job is done by injecting microdroplets of an injectable dermal filler into areas that need to be filled out to obtain more symmetrical facial appearance.

The procedure is repeated if needed in 6-8 week intervals until the desired outcome is achieved as determined by both the doctor and the patient.

This 15-minute nose-job method carries less risk than a surgical rhinoplasty because there is no cutting involved. The added bonus is that it does not require sedation or general anesthesia.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty has limitations as it is non-surgical. It cannot correct deviated septum or improve breathing problems. It definitely will improve facial symmetry and appearance.

As with any medical procedure, there are also risks associated with injections. However, these problems have historically been mostly associated with improperly trained or unqualified injectors.

At SouthMain Rejuvenation Institute, Dr. Apolinar Tiongson’s non-surgical nose-job method significantly reduces the risk of complications. His decades of experience and high qualification as an Aesthetic Physician are very important factors to consider – because the nose is at the center of the face and vital to attractive features.

About SouthMain Rejuvenation Institute (SRI):

SouthMain Rejuvenation Institute specializes in non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Serving the community since 1999, SRI main office is in Milpitas, California and has offices in Los Angeles (est. 2008), and San Francisco (est. 2000). All three offices in Milpitas, San Francisco and Los Angeles Offices are all staffed with highly qualified registered nurses and physician providers and equipped with advanced lasers and instruments in order to consistently render quality care. For more information please visit http://www.southmainrejuvenation. com or call (888) 678-SKIN (7546).

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