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How VaserLipo works?

The VASERlipo® System uses thin multi-ringed probes to deliver a minimal level of ultrasound energy to emulsify the fatty component of the tissue matrix. Fatty tissue cells are dislodged from their supporting tissues by the Acoustic Streaming effect generated by the probes. Specially designed atraumatic cannulas called VentX® cannulas are then used to remove the emulsified fluids while preserving the tissue matrix.

Acoustic Streaming
During the VASERlipo procedure, a fluid containing microscopic gas bubbles is infiltrated throughout the targeted fatty tissue, surrounding the fat cells. When exposed to the ultrasound energy, the air bubbles expand and collapse, prying the fat cells apart and dislodging them from the fatty tissue matrix.

Selective Emulsification
Since the air bubbles cannot infiltrate between the cells of more dense tissues like blood vessels, nerves and collagen fibers, these tissues remain largely unaffected by the ultrasound energy. As the fat cells are displaced, they are mixed with the tumescent solution, further breaking down the fat into smaller groups, which are then aspirated.

VASERlipo and Fat Transfer Procedures
VASERlipo, VentX and Origins: the perfect combination for treating and harvesting viable fat.

The VASERlipo system was specifically designed to maintain the integrity of fat cells, by using ultrasound energy to selectively target and dislodge fat cells from the fatty tissue matrix. Atraumatic VentX cannulas give you the ability to fine tune suction pressure to remove the treated fat and to connect with fat harvesting accessories, such as the LipoHarvester. This powerful combination allows physicians to harvest high quality, viable fat, which can then be re-injected to other parts of the body.

Two recent clinical studies confirmed the viability of fat removed with VASERlipo:

  • Cytori Therapeutics conducted a multi-site study that confirmed the viability of VASER-treated fat at 85% and regenerative cells at 87%​.(1)

  • The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center found the viability of VASER-treated fat to be over 80% six weeks post re-injection.(2​)

1 Schafer, M.E., et al. Acute Adipocyte Viability After Third-Generation Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction. Aesthetic Surgery Journal. 2013 Jul; 33(5):698-704.

2 Fisher, C., et al. Comparison of Harvest and Processing Techniques for Fat Grafting and Adipose Stem Cell Isolation. Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. 2013 Aug; 132(2):351-61.

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