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We are fully dedicated to the skillful  delivery of effective and state-of-the-art non-surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and to safely provide the most advanced anti-aging therapies in order satisfy the demands of our patients to achieve healthy and youthful skin and body so they always look and feel their best. 

Safety First

We care about you and your skin.  This means, utilizing the safest, most-effective and FDA-cleared technology in all rejuvenation and hair removal procedures.  Highly qualified medical professionals deliver the treatments. SouthMain medical staff are extensively trained in all the procedures offered to ensure quality results and safety.


Our commitment is for you to achieve a more beautiful, more youthful and more radiant skin.  We educate and guide you on your choice of procedures in order to optimize your result.

Excellent Care

Patient satisfaction is the core of our service at SouthMain Rejuvenation Institute. YOU and your skin are the center of interest of our highly trained staff. We want you to have a truly satisfying, pleasant experience in your quest for that proverbial fountain of youth.

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