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Dr. Apolinar Tiongson

Apolinar F. Tiongson, M.D. Dip. Derm, obtained his Physician's and Surgeon's Certificate given by the Medical Board of California in January 1999. Dr. Tiongson holds a board certification in aesthetic medicine (administered by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine), which he acquired by fulfilling training requirements and passing both written and oral examinations. He earned his Diploma in Dermatology with flying colors at the Australian Institute of Dermatology based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Southwestern University in Cebu City, Philippines in 1990, satisfactorily completed both  internship in internal medicine at  New York University Medical Center-Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in 1994 and residency in anatomic and clinical pathology (with special interest in dermatopathology) at  New York Medical College-Metropolitan Hospital Center in 1998.

After residency, he pursued independent training in aesthetic medicine and all his continuing medical education is exclusively focused on cosmetic dermatology and medical aesthetics. 


Since Dr. Tiongson opened his aesthetic medical private practice one and a half decades ago, he constantly keeps himself abreast with the latest developments and progress in the medical aesthetic specialty. Owing to his dedication to  skin rejuvenation and his commitment to excel in the his field of practice, he has gained high level of expertise specially in the following: neuromodulators (Botox and Dysport), dermal fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Artefill, and Radiesse), chemical peels, medical lasers for skin resurfacing and cosmetic enhancements, acne and acne scar  treatment,   hair removal and restoration, radio frequency skin tightening and management of cosmetic skin disorders, among others. Since 1999,  Dr.Tiongson has personally performed more than 100,000 laser procedures, over 10,000 neuromodulator injection treatments, and few thousand facial volumization and augmentation injections using different dermal fillers and implants.

His recent continuing medical education includes live participation in a meeting titled "Aesthetic and Laser Skin Therapy: What's the Truth" at Harvard Medical School for which he fulfilled 18.0 American Medical Association (AMA) Physician's Recognition Award (PRA) Category 1 credits in October 2019.


After undergoing rigorous hands-on training, he has  qualified as an officially trained provider of VaserLipo, a minimally invasive liposculpting procedure that has the highest patient rating among all surgical and nonsurgical fat reduction and body shaping techniques and modalities.

He has also been awarded a Certificate in Modern Liposculpture Techniques after completing necessary courses of study and surgical training in tumescent power-assisted laser-enhanced liposuction procedure under a well-published and respected liposuction surgeon in New Jersey.

In 2001, Dr. Tiongson, after the years of research and  in collaboration with a doctor in pharmacology and cosmetic chemists, developed the clinically-proven effective and well-loved APOLINAR skincare line, which continues to become a daily routine of thousands upon thousands without hard sell advertising or Hollywood celebrity endorsement.

He has given lectures and trainings on skin rejuvenation (lasers, peels, injectables, radiofrequency and other treatment modalities) to physicians, surgeons and nurses. He currently offers a preceptorship training program in aesthetic medicine  designed for medical doctors interested in furthering their practical knowledge and skills in cosmetic medicine.

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