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Good News! Antioxidant Infusion is now $80

Today, we are glad to announce that in this world where inflation or price increase is the norm, the price of APOLINAR® Antioxidant Infusion (Ai or product No. 7) is permanently reduced from $120 to $80. Mention this post and purchase on or before Labor Day (Sept. 5, 2016), and sales tax is on us.

APOLINAR® Antioxidant Infusion is an anti-photoaging non-prescription strength skin serum which with regular use can profoundly improve skin appearance and texture.

Every day, we are selling more and more of the Antioxidant Infusion serum that sometimes we cannot keep up with the demand. Instead of jacking up its selling price, we are bucking the law of supply and demand and passing on to you the advantage of being able to produce more units of a sought-after good. The bottles of finished product we have to meticulously make have more than doubled so the per unit cost of production and packaging has decreased to an extent that we are able to offer our valued buyers a significantly lowered price for the same skin serum with an even much-improved formula and feel.

The Antioxidant Infusion or APOLINAR® Number 7 now has super low molecular weight hyaluronic acid for visibly tangible skin hydration. It still contains an effective high concentration of stabilized L-ascorbic acid, and ferulic acid. A perfect percentage of a safe solvent is added for more efficient transepidermal delivery of the active ingredients without the harshness.

Thank you all for the continued trust and support to small local community businesses like us.

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