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Skin Rejuvenation, explained by Dr. Tiongson

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Rejuvenation of the skin is a process that aims to bring out the potential of our skin to regain its youthfulness. Rejuvenated skin is one that is healthy, smooth, firm, even in tone and color and blemish-free like your skin when you were a young child.

For a skin rejuvenation program to be optimally effective, it must include three important components:

  1. preventive measures

  2. complete physician-directed medicated home skincare regimen

  3. aesthetic and dermatologic in-office procedures

Because the aging process does not stop, skin rejuvenation should also be a continuous program.

Although skin maturation begins as early as past adolescent years when activation of sebaceous glands lead to pimples and comedones (blackheads and whiteheads), signs of skin aging start to become visible, depending on lifestyle and other factors, during the fourth or fifth decade of life.

Unavoidable repetitive use of facial muscles, which unlike other muscles of the body are inserted directly in the skin, creates expression lines that become more and more prominent over the years and eventually become permanently etched in the skin. These wrinkles worsened by facial expression are called dynamic rhytids named according to location as frown, worry, laugh, smile or marionette lines. Other factors that contribute to the development of wrinkles are chronic sun exposure and loss of elastic property of the skin due to aging, hormonal changes and other environmental insults.

Aging and aged skin shows textural changes such as roughness and enlarged pores. Color changes also set in (uneven skin tone, melasma, Hori's nevus and sun spots).

Benign skin growths and bumps such as age or liver spots, sebaceous hyperplasia, syringoma, spiders veins and others, either become more evident or widespread as we age.

Another hallmark of an aging face that even a surgical facelift cannot correct is soft tissue volume loss that causes sunken areas especially in the cheeks, temples, and around the eyes, nose and mouth.

At SouthMain Rejuvenation Institute, we have successfully provided skin rejuvenation procedures to thousands of satisfied patients using our individually tailored combination treatment packages. As every person is different, there is no single prescription or therapy for everyone so we carefully take into consideration each patient’s skin, overall health and lifestyle during in-office evaluation before starting skin rejuvenation.

Our unique skin rejuvenation treatment process usually includes a combination or all of the following: customized skincare regimen, personalized preventive counseling, non-ablative and fractional aesthetic lasers, chemical peels, radio-frequency, ultrasound and LED-based modalities, photodynamic therapy, platelet-rich plasma and various injectables (Botox and dermal fillers).​​

Through a balanced and well thought out rejuvenation program, we are able to simulate the dermis to produce more and healthier collagen and elastin fibers, which are responsible for the suppleness of the skin; selectively relax muscles that are causing dynamic wrinkles; replenish volume loss by using appropriate temporary or permanent dermal fillers; and maintain a smooth and radiant outer skin surface through laser and chemical resurfacing of the epidermis and other procedures when necessary.

Aside from the face and neck, areas that can be rejuvenated are hands, arms, decollete or upper chest, nape and legs, among others.

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