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Louella Eischen

Louella's passion for the past years has been the revitalization of SouthMain Rejuvenation Institute.  A graduate of the University of the Philippines, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Sciences, Majors in Chemistry, Management and Mathematics, she developed her career with the Academy of Continuing Education Programs and University of Southern California before joining AF Tiongson, MD, now the SouthMain Rejuvenation Institute.  She currently serves as the Director of Operations as well as the Aesthetic Director at SouthMain.


After achieving her Masters in Business Administration in International Business Management, Louella continued to serve on the Board of several non-profit organizations including the Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team and the San Fernando Valley Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce.  


While at SouthMain, Louella continues her post graduate education and racks up hours and hours of hands-on experience learning the science and business of aesthetics inside and out. She has been awarded as Certified Aesthetic Consultant by The Aesthetic Practice Association. She is also a licensed aesthetician in the State of California.


Louella was born and raised in the Philippines.  Island fever sets in from time to time and gets her constantly on the move.  At this time she has her sights on conquering the medi-spa and cosmetic industry not only in Los Angeles and San Francisco but the world.  With professional trainings and guidance of Dr. Tiongson, Louella has become an accomplished Skin Care Consultant as well as an Educator of Aesthetics.


As a Director, Louella has worked on all levels of medispa business development from general management to sales and marketing to understanding laser physics and the chemistry of the skin.  The knowledge that Louella has gained from her experiences of working the daily operations of a medispa of such caliber is "priceless", she says.


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