Free Beauty and Skincare Tips! 


Rejuvenation of the skin is a process that aims to bring out the potential of our skin to regain its youthfulness. Rejuvenated skin is one that is healthy, smooth, firm, even in tone and color and blemish-free like your skin when you wer...

Free Beauty and Skincare Tips! 


Laser Beam - are they for wrinkles too? 


Smile lines, worry lines, bunny lines – they are your badge of honor showing your well-lived life? Or are they simply age lines. Do you want to defy or hide those signs of aging? If your answer is...

Free Beauty and Skincare Tips! 


We are living longer than ever. We are active, we feel young therefore we want our bodies to mirror youthful minds and hearts. Here comes botulinum toxin type A. May I say that this is the greatest invention since sliced cheese. It is co...

Free Beauty and Skincare Tips!


Yes, we all get older! But our skin does not have to give away our age. There are many factors impacting how we age. Some of you may be lucky enough to be able to lie about your age by a few years because of firm, smooth, and glowy skin....

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Skin Rejuvenation, explained by Dr. Tiongson

May 2, 2014

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